Brown Owl September 2023

Kingfisher log cabin July 2023

Middle Lake April 2023

Vinnie Winter Storey Kingfisher log cabin April 2023

Ben Rodgers Brown Owl log cabin February 2023

Terry & Eddie Hardy with some of their catches February 2023

Lewis Hayes 20lb Carp August 2022 Kingfisher log cabin

Graham Schweitzer Aylesbury log cabin March 2022

Marc Foy Brown Owl log cabin Feb 2022

Luke Appleby August 2021 20lb Carp

Mike Todd Willow Waters Lake August 2021

Paul McAssey June 2021 19lb and 16lb Carp

Mark Rodd Kingfisher Log Cabin April 2021

Dan Webster Aylesbury Log Cabin April 2021

Middle Lake Hannah & Will April 2021

Daren Smith with a collection of carp July 2020

Bradley Coates 14lb Common Carp Oct'19

Paul Henty with a variety of catches from our Middle Lake

Lenny Buxton 15lb 5oz Mirror Carp Sept '19

Lennny Buxton 12lb 8oz Common Carp Sept '19

Paul McAssey 16lb Carp June '19

14lb Carp June '19

Rex Woodcock Pike 21st March '19

16lb Pike Lee Eusman Feb 2019

Pike December 2018

Lance Longman 12lb (october 2018)
Lance Longman 16lb (October 2018)

Russell Bentley 16lb Carp July 2018



Belinda Bentley 1st ever catch July 2018

Maisie Ross 17lb July 18

Paul McAssey 16.5lb June 2018

Paul McAssey 12lb June 2018

Mark Joyce 21lb
Stuart Castry 16.9lb May 2018
Stuart Appleby 14lb May 2018
Luke appleby 21lb May 2018

Glynne Watson 13lb mirror carp April 2018

Ash Hampson 9lb pike

Ash Hampson 15lb pike

Ash Hampson 18lb pike

David Bartlett

David Bartlett

Ben Corbett with a 20.2lb Mirror Carp (Sept 2017)

Sean Gosling with his pristine carp (Aug 2017)

Clive Ward with his 18lb Pike (August 2017)

Gary Bradshaw with his Mirror 14lb & common 16lb (Aug 2017)

Jim Sawley 18lb 15/7/17

Paul Radford with a 20lb Common Carp 1/7/17


Paul Mcassey

David Bartlett

Paul Henty

Paul Henty

Ken Murray

Aaron Walstow

Phillip Lee

Colin Stuart

Colin Stuart

Andy Walker

Mark Hurst with a 24lb Carp!

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